Industrial + Interaction Design


Ivan McCuistion industrial designer 


Sometimes I ask, "What are you thinking?" And friends often respond, ”Nothing." …I’ve never thought nothing, perhaps: 

They don't want to tell me what they are thinking... 
Or they simply lose their train of thought and forget.
Did my interruption dissolve their momentary reality? 

As a designer I’m particularly interested in this phenomenon, I am interested in that which is on the periphery of definite, whether in design or on a road bike. So many of us experience an unknown solitude everyday. I design to draw users out of this solitude by fostering a sense of intimacy between product and observer. Whether it is a fashion article, a health device, or light; the designs provide a sense of comfort that will encourage interconnectivity and foster relationships.

In conducting design work, I think of it as a puzzle. You must know the final image. You must start somewhere, often working section by section in tandem. As you work there’s a constant comparison, does this fit? Does this match the final image? Especially in collaboration, it’s crucial to know whose puzzle it is, and allow the pieces to be created in service of the final image. This is how I practice design: with thought, empathy and diligence.